Retail SONY Playstation Eye Camera


This is the retail SONY Playstation 3 Camera.

Make sure to pick up a micro-screwer to open the OEM case up if you don't have one already.

What you get:
The original camera, cut out of the original plastic manufacturer packaging.

Please choose below if you want:
1) OEM Housing Left On Camera Board $40.00
2) OEM Housing Separate from Camera Board $42.00
3) NO OEM Housing, Just Camera Board $42.00

Due to recent changes in camera manufacturing, no cameras come with a lens that is modifiable anymore straight from Sony. Thus, if you buy one of these unmodified retail cameras, I will modify the camera only by switching out the bad, unmodifiable lens for a good, modifiable one IF YOU MENTION THAT IN THE NOTES ON THE ORDER. Very important, you MUST mention it or you may get an unmodifiable lens.

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