5.4mm f/2.5 60d HFOV 10MP
(No Distortion)

The 5.4mm is an optimal non-fisheye lens for shooting in all resolutions including 4k video yet being 2x zoomed in versus the stock GoPro lens. Perfect for use on aerial platforms as its slight extra weight will not effect gimbal balance. Due to the longer Back Focal Length of this lens it is recommended you also purchase our Supermount to hold the lens more securely than the stock lens mount. With any zoomed in lens camera vibrations will be amplified as compared to the stock lens, so make sure to shoot in lower fps or use a ND Filter to slow the GoPro's shutter speed and reduce image jello.

When you change the lens on the GoPro Hero cameras we recommend having us remove the stock lens profile software so the colors are natural (and not tinted pink around the edges). All example media shown has this lens profile removed from the camera.
Don't want to worry about sending your camera in to be modified? We sell new cameras with this lens installed HERE.

Model Number


Focal Length


35mm Equivalent


Fish-eye Distortion


Black Vignetting


Weight (Stock Lens = 5.5g)


Horizontal Field of View (HFOV)


Aperture (f Stop)


Back Focal Length (BFL)


Installed Filter

Daylight (IR-Cut)

Native Camera Sensor Support


Native Megapixel Support


Thread Material


Optics Material


Fits in GoPro Waterproof Case?


Case Mod Needed?

No  (But Puts Less Pressure on Lens)

Dust Ring Included?

Yes (DR_B)


Filter Type Description
Visible Light RGB Filter [Recommended] This is the filter that every camera has to capture Visible Light that our eyes see. All infrared (IR) light is blocked so the colors are normal. This is the same filter the stock camera has.
Red + Infrared [NDVI] Filter This filter captures the reflected Red (660nm) light in the sensor's red channel and the reflected Infrared (850nm) light in the sensor's blue channel. the green channel is not used. You can process the red and blue bands for NDVI by performing the calculation: NDVI = (blue - red) / (blue + red).
No Filter This lens has NO filter on it, allowing all wavelengths of light through to the sensor including Visible and Infrared light. This lens will produce an overly pink image and the colors will be washed out and dull.


Works With These Cameras (SuperMount Still Recommended For Stability):

Requires SuperMount Hero Lens Mount Installed to Focus:


12MP Stills - Click All Photos for Full Resolution



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