Professional Camera (m12)

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This is the camera board from a Sony Playstation (PS) Eye camera inside our Professional Acrylic Case. We have removed the stock lens mount and lens and adapted our own m12 lens mount onto the camera board.

Please choose below which filter you would like installed between the lens mount and camera sensor. Match the wavelength of the filter to the wavelength of the infrared (IR) lights you are using to illuminate your subject. You can get more information and spectral charts of the filters on their individual item pages here.

Camera Specifications:
Resolutions: 320x240, 640x480
Max Frame Rates: 185fps (320x240), 75fps (640x480)
Lens Mount: m12x0.5
Computer Cable: USB (Data & Power)
Driver: Windows, Mac OSX
Recommended Tracking Application: Community Core Vision (CCV)

Camera Mounting Options:
Case Bottom Mounting Holes (2)

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