PeauPro82 NDVI
3.97mm (22mm) f/2.8
GoPro Hero 4 Black

$300.00 $650.00

Meet the PeauPro, a bare-bones GoPro Hero 4 Black camera with a new all-glass 4K-sharp lens focused for infinity. By bare-bones we mean just that: a modified camera and none of the accessories you likely have a ton of already sitting in a box in your garage. You will get a battery and a USB cable for charging.

The PeauPro82 captures 82 degrees in the horizontal FOV. That's about a 1.5x zoom over the stock lens, yet allows you to capture the full sensor, whether in 4k or 12MP photo mode. No vignetting from the lens' iris or GoPro's software lens profile means you're able to capture in the same vivid detail as you would with the stock lens. You can still adjust the software settings to zoom in on your subject with Wide, Medium and Narrow modes if you desire.

Here's What You Get:

Here's What You Don't Get:

     This NDVI camera is a high quality dual-band NDVI filter with superior contrast between the bands and no spectral cross-talk. This filter easily lets you see where vegetation is thriving and is not.

    Example stitched (processed) image of a vineyard (grapes):

    Plants absorb visible light and reflect infrared light. By processing the red channel (Visible Light) with the blue channel (Near Infrared Light) for the NDVI index the resulting gray-scale image can have a false-color "heat-map" gradient applied to it.

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