Custom Sized PQ Labs Touch Frames

Need to purchase a PQ Labs Touch Frame that is not one of the standard screen sizes? Perhaps you need to use a single touch frame with multiple screens such as a video wall setup? Or you want to go around a projected image larger than 103"? Or maybe you have a screen that just isn't as standard as PQ Labs product offering allows?

You will need to calculate the total image area the touch frame will cover, as the pricing is based off of the rounded-up diagonal measurement. Helpful triangle diagonal solver HERE (use Triangle Solver Custom tab). So if you're using multiple screens, you'll need to add also the inner shared bezels between the screens. For instance, if the total length x width is 80" x 50" the diagonal would be 97.08". Rounded-up you would need a 98" custom touch frame. Using the pricing below, that would be 98 x $58  = $5,684 for a 32 touch point 97.08" custom touch frame.

Please use PQ Labs' Custom Touch Frame mechanical drawing site HERE to calculate your exact diagonal measurement. If the site displays an error please Contact Us for the mechanical drawing.


Diagonal Measurement Less Than 150":

6 Touch Point Frame: $37/inch

12 Touch Point Frame: $48/inch

32 Touch point Frame: $58/inch


Diagonal Measurement Equal to or More Than 150":

6 Touch Point Frame: $42/inch

12 Touch Point Frame: $51/inch

32 Touch point Frame: $61/inch


Shipping Per Custom Frame (Of Any Size):

USA: $170

International: $200


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