Capturing and Processing PeauPro220 Spherical 360 degree Video with Kolor Autopano Video Pro

Capturing Media Steps:

Step 1: Securely mount all cameras in the Ninja or Valkyrie holder making sure the lenses are all oriented in the same direction (all up or all down).

Step 2: Install charged batteries and microSD cards of sufficient speed (recommend Lexar 633x or Sandisk Extreme).

Step 3: Set all camera to the same desired settings (see below).

Step 4: Start recording on all cameras. Clap your hands a few times near the cameras to help sync in post processing.

Step 5: Stop recording, remove SD cards and continue to post processing.


Post Processing Steps:

Step 1: Unzip template folder (see below) to a known location on your computer.

Step 2: Open Autopano Video Pro

Step 3: Drag your media onto the open Autopano Video Pro window.

Step 4: Click the “Synchro” button at the top, click “Use audio to synchronize” button and hit “Apply” button.

Step 5: Click the “Stitch” button at the top, select “Template panorama”, click the “Stitch” button and select the template .pano file.

Step 6: Click the “Stab” button at the top and click “Compute stabilization”

Step 7: Click the “Color” button at the top, click “Compute automatic color correction” button

Step 8: Click the “Render” button at the top, adjust settings based on desired output (see below), click "Render" button.

Step 9: Use Kolor Eyes to view video and make any adjustments required.

Step 10: If uploading to Youtube, follow the instructions HERE to add the necessary metadata to the video so Youtube knows it's a 360 degree video.


Kolor Autopano Stitching Templates for Ninja Mounts (Click to Download):

Ninja200 - 2.7k 4:3

Ninja300 - 4k 16:9

Ninja300 - 2.7k 16:9

Ninja400 - 4k 16:9

Ninja400 - 2.7k 16:9

Ninja600 - 4k 16:9

Ninja600 - 2.7k 16:9

Ninja800 - 4k 16:9

Ninja800 - 2.7k 16:9

Recommended PeauPro220 Video Settings:


2 Camera Setup: 2.7k 4:3 30fps

3+ Camera Setup: 4k 30fps for highest resolution. For Head Mounted Displays (HMD) we recommend 2.7k 60fps

FPS: fastest allowed by resolution (ideally 60fps or higher)

FOV: Wide (W)

Low Light: Off

Spot Meter: Off

Protune: On

White Balance: Native

Color: Flat

ISO: 400

Sharpness: Low

Exposure: 0


Youtube render settings:

Width: 3840  Height: 1920

Output type: Mp4

Preset: H.264 4K UHDTV

Standard: as original video

FPS: as original video

Aspect ratio: keep in pixel size

Audio source: choose which video audio to use

Change render folder (if desired)

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