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Survey2: The Next Step in Affordable Surveying

Since we launched the original MAPIR camera (Survey1) we have been listening to our users about how they would improve on the design and functionality for our next model. We never planned the first version to be the last, and knew we wanted to evolve the Survey model line to bring out newer more powerful cameras as often as possible. Today we are proud to announce the next iteration: Survey2.

New Features of the Survey2 Cameras ($400 MSRP)

  • 16MP (4,608 x 3,456px) Sensor
  • 4.05 cm/px (1.59in/px) Ground Sample Distance from 120m (400ft) AGL
  • RAW+JPG capabilities
  • PWM shutter control (through HDMI port)
  • Faster image interval timer (2s/JPG, 3s/RAW+JPG)
  • New Red+NIR NDVI filter model improves contrast (see below)
  • Able to lock Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance, Exposure and Sharpness
  • Same size and weight as Survey1
  • Same battery as Survey1 (not required on USB power)
  • Similar built in rear 1.5" color LCD screen as Survey1
  • Uses the same MAPIR mounts as Survey1 (though needs new clip)

An Updated NDVI Dual-Band Filter

We have made big improvements not just to the camera but also to our popular dual-band NDVI filter. The previous model used a Blue+NIR filter which worked well and was easy to post process. As we further developed our own post processing workflow we also worked to improve the NDVI filter. The new dual-band filter increases the contrast within vegetation by capturing both reflected Red and Infrared light. The new Survey2 NDVI model greatly improves the contrast within the vegetation as you can see in this photo (larger contrast between soil [black] and plants [white]):

One Clip to Hold Them

With the previous Survey1 cameras our mounts would come with both a single and dual clip option depending on the number of cameras the mount held. This made the mounts themselves more expensive and meant that if you wanted to hold a GoPro® HERO® to the mount you would have to buy additional clips. With the launch of the Survey2 cameras we have removed the default clips from the mounts and added them as optional accessories. All the mounts are the same as the ones previously offered with the Survey1 cameras, the clip is the only thing that is different (you will need a new Survey2 clip though). This reduces the overall cost of the mounts to our customers. To help tell them apart the Survey2 clips are only going to come in single clip form and in a bright green color:

We have additional accessories being created for the Survey2 cameras such as durable lens protectors, HDMI trigger cables, new USB power/video cables and much more so be sure to look for further updates in the coming weeks.

Radiometric Ground Target Package (MSRP $200)

We have been working on making our own high-quality radiometric ground targets and now have the final design being produced. The package consists of 3 targets each with very linear reflectance curves that can be used to calibrate our cameras. The entire package is durable, will not break-down in prolonged UV exposure and easy to keep clean and scratch free. Capturing an image of the ground targets before and after each flight and using the calibration images in the post-processing workflow will improve the normalization of your processed images. You can either hold the cameras over the target (being careful not to cast a shadow on them) or you can have your drone take off right next to it. The targets should work up to 25ft away thanks to the Survey2 camera's low GSD (high sensor resolution).

You can pre-order this item on our store HERE.


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