Playstation Eye Developer Camera Case [V2] (m12/CS)


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This is the plastic case that our Developer Cameras come in. The case consists of two parts, the lid and base. The tabs on the lid hold it on the base and by pushing in the tabs you can pop off the lid (no screws necessary). The stand-offs on the lid hold the camera's circuit board firmly in place. The base has two threaded tripod inserts that allow you to mount the camera easily both horizontally and vertically. There are also two small holes in the case's base that allow you to use screws or nails (not included) to fix to your mounting surface. If you buy the assembled Developer Camera you will also receive two double-sided foam tape pieces to offer a third mounting option.

3D Enclosure Print Version 2 (V2) Upgrades:
-Increased thickness of pcb tabs located on box and lid along with the USB hold tab to resist breaking
-Printing on raft now so no more glossy top and bottom but increased yield for each print job due to reduced warping off build platform
-Improvements made to provide a tighter locking of the lid to box

*Pictures show camera board but no camera is included with this $10.00 item purchase

Plastic ring in lid rotates and breaks off to convert m12 mount lid to CS mount lid:

Multiple Mounting Options:

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