Kolor Autopano Video Pro2 + Autopano Giga4 [Bundle]


Kolor Autopano Video Pro is used to process multiple PeauPro220 videos into a spherical interactive video. You can use the free Kolor Eyes video player to view the video, or upload to Youtube. Up your virtual reality (VR) game by also viewing the 360 degree videos on a head mounted display (HMD).

Kolor Autopano Giga is used in parallel to Autopano Video Pro to fix any parallax errors between cameras. When you use the PeauPro220 cameras even though you have enough FOV per camera to cover 360 degrees, the stitching software may not know where exactly to draw the transition line between each camera. That's what Giga helps you do (see video below). This is important for rigs with more than a few cameras if objects come closer to the camera rig.

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