Infrared Laser Safety Goggles

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These are laser goggles to protect your eyes when setting up your infrared lasers. Infrared lasers are more damaging than visible lasers at similar power due to the eye not blinking when stray beams hit it. Thus you will not know it is hitting your eyes until your eyes begin to hurt and you get a headache. Typically eye exposure to laser light will subside in a few hours, but it can leave lasting damage on your eyeballs. Please be careful.

Protects your eyes from infrared light in the 760-1100nm wavelengths.
OD Rating: OD>3 for 760-1100nm, OD>5 for 1064nm
Comfortable design. Can be worn over most other glasses
Includes carrying case which can also be used to clean the lenses.
Good visible light transmission. Laser dots are still visible.

(1) Infrared Light Safety Goggle
(1) Goggle Carrying Case

Please note that when buying laser equipment, user assumes full responsibility of their actions and any damage caused by misuse. This store and it's employees are not liable

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