780nm 25mW Infrared Laser

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This is one of the most popular lasers used for infrared optical-based multitouch setups. The power of the laser will cover a large surface, though most people buy multiple lasers to get an even illumination. (Typically 4, one for each corner)

To power these lasers make sure to pick up a power adapter. Each adapter can run up to 16 lasers.

These lasers create a DOT. Buy line lenses to create a plane used in LLP setups.
Please wear proper eye protection as infrared lasers are more dangerous than visible ones.

Download the PDF HOW-TO for attaching the line lens to a laser HERE.

Download the PDF Data Sheet for these lasers here. (The data sheet describes a lower power laser, but everything else is the same for the 25mW ones sold here)

Wavelength: 780nm
Power/Intensity: 25mW
Voltage: 3.2VDC
Max Current: 30mA
Dimensions: 12x30mm Laser Module

(1) 780nm 25mW Laser

Please note that when buying laser equipment, user assumes full responsibility of their actions and any damage caused by misuse. This store and its employees are not liable. Lasers are not tested by me since they come straight from my supplier. These items are non-refundable due to the nature of their fragility if wired incorrectly.

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