RibCage Kits DIY Hero 3+/3 (No Camera Included)

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Finally, a light weight, small form factor 4K camera with interchangeable lenses! It’s the GoPro Hero4 Black that you know and love, but supercharged with Back-bone’s custom all aluminum Ribcage kit. Now you have the ability to pick the perfect lens for any situation so you can shoot in amazing 4K 30fps or 1080p at speeds up to 120fps. Out of the box the Ribcage is compatible with micro M12, CS-Mount and C-Mount lenses. You can attach virtually any other type of manual lens via readily available C-Mount adapters found online and in stores. Take advantage of what professional lenses have to offer: manual focus control, a more cinematic depth of field, macro shooting, optical zoom and iris control. You’ll receive a removable tripod mount so you can connect your camera to professional mounts and supports. Want night vision? Just take out the IR cut filter so you can see in the dark with any IR light source! Have a difficult lens? Use the adjustable flange distance feature to get the perfect results. The Ribcage modified camera is configured with a removable IR-cut filter for maximum versatility and easy cleaning of the filter and sensor if required. Note that the filter must be added when using the camera for the first time..

Package Includes:

(1) RibCage GoPro Hero 3+/3 Conversion Kit
(2) IR-cut filter 
(1) Filter Spacer holder
(1) Protective cap
(2) Micro Allen key for adjusting the flange distance.
(1) Packet of necessary screws, connectors and hardware.
(1) M12 Locking ring

Not Included:

(x) Additional m12 or CS Lenses
(x) GoPro Hero 4 Camera


Stock GoPro Hero 4 (With Battery): 85 grams
Stock GoPro Hero 4 (No Battery): 65 grams
RigCage Modifications: +22.3 grams
RigCage GoPro (With Battery): 107.3 grams
Ribcage GoPro (No Battery): 87.3 grams
Tripod Adapter: +10 grams
CS-Mount: +8 grams
C-Mount (Includes CS Mount): +12 grams

Instruction Guide

No Camera Is Included When Purchasing This Item. You Will Receive All the Parts To Modify Your Own Camera.

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