Ninja 100 - 360 degree
1 GoPro Camera Rig

$50.00 $250.00

Please Allow +1 Week for Processing Aluminum Mount Orders


Introducing the Trespass Films Ninja. A light-weight accessible rig built for easy 360 degree media capture with the PeauPro220 cameras.

The Ninja Rig comes in 6 design options: the 1-camera rig, the 2-camera rig, the 3-camera rig, the 4-camera rig, the 6-camera rig, and for the inner Ninja army in you the 8-camera rig.

This version of the Ninja Rig is an ADD-ON (single camera) to the other multi-camera rigs allowing for an additional point of view, either top or bottom.

Each rig is an uber-compact design from 3D printed Nylon or milled aluminum materials (choose material above). Water insoluble and can withstand heat up to 150-160 degrees Celsius.

Total accessibility: HDMI, USB, microSD, and battery are all accessible while the camera is in the mount, allowing for fast changes, swapping, downloads, and/or charging without the additional downtime of removing the cameras from the rig.

The durable 1/4"-20 tripod threading on the top and bottom of the mount allows you to attach it to all sorts of locations. Want to attach directly to a GoPro mount? There is an included tripod to GoPro adapter.

Stitched Field of View:

Monoscopic 360x180 with 100 degree Overlap or
Stereoscopic 360x180 with 40 degree Overlap

Package Contents:

(1) Trespass Films Ninja 100 Bottom and Top Camera Plates
(2) Stainless Steel Bolts and Wingnuts
(1) Tripod 1/4"-20 Bolt to GoPro Mount


Stainless Steel Bolts and Wingnuts (per bolt/nut combo): 23g 

Tripod 1/4"-20 Bolt to GoPro Mount: 13g

Mount Weight (Nylon): 63g
Mount Weight (Aluminum): 92g
Mount+Cameras Weight (Nylon): 157g
Mount+Cameras Weight (Aluminum): 186g


 4k 16:9 Video Frame (Click to Enlarge):


2.7k 16:9 Video Frame (Click to Enlarge):

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