Circular Polarizer (CPL) Filter

Requires: 30mm Filter Adapter Ring - Lens Surround

Polarizer filters block unwanted glare/reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass. They also deepen the blues of the sky, intensify the color of water and add detail to snow, ice and sand. This circular polarizer filter can be turned to adjust which light rays are blocked by rotating the outer ring, while the inner textured ring is used to tighten it on the filter adapter. You can add this filter on top of any of our other 30mm filters. As the seal between the two rings of this filter are not waterproof, this filter should not be considered a waterproof sealed filter.

NOTE: Please test each mode on the camera before using the filters. When using these filters with the super wide stock original lens, there may be some black vignetting unless used in the Medium (M) or Narrow (N) mode. When using our aftermarket lenses, there should be no vignetting with this filter on lenses 4.35mm and higher mm. With wider FOV lenses like our 3.97mm and the stock lens you are better off using the Circular Polarizer push-cap style filter than this threaded Circular Polarizer one.

Weight: 6g
Mount: M30 x 0.75mm
Mount Material: Metal
Optics Material: Glass

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