Camera Lens Calculator


  1. Choose your sensor size from the drop-down menu. Most cameras (GoPro Hero, DJI Phantom 4/3, DJI Inspire X3, Sony action cameras, etc) use the 1/2.3" sensor.
  2. Enter in the lens f-stop. Start with a value of 2.8 as that is the most common.
  3. The 3 columns below have titles that explain what they do. Choose one and fill in the details above the Calculate button.
  4. Click the Calculate button.
  5. The box below the Calculate button is filled in, along with the boxes further down the page.
  6. Make adjustments in any column and click the Calculate box to re-calculate the results boxes.

Calculate Lens Focal Length (mm)

Calculate Based on (Real World) Width or Height

Calculate Field of View (degrees)

Show the result for HFOV or VFOV

Calculate Distance

Calculate Based on (Real World) Width or Height

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