Scope Cam (Side-Shot) Cameras and Lenses

These lenses replace the fisheye lens in the original GoPro® camera with our super sharp 3X optical zoom non-fisheye lens. Our proprietary 8.25mm lens is sharper than any other compatible lens, sharp enough for 4K+ video and 12MP photos thanks to its high 16 megapixel (MP) rating. All other lenses in the market are lower sharpness, typically 5MP or lower (so beware!). We designed the 8.25mm lens ourselves many years ago and manufacture it only for our company, so you will not find it anywhere else.


Optical Zoom: 3X narrower (compared to stock lens)

Digital Zoom: 2X narrower (on-camera digital zoom)

Combined Zoom: 6X narrower! (compared to traditional non-zoomed GoPro® fisheye lens)


You can purchase the lenses below and modify your compatible cameras or purchase a camera already modified from us. You will need to still turn the lens to adjust the focus when installed, which we recommend you do using the HDMI video out of the camera and view the live video on a large HD monitor.


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