Infrared Light - High Pass Filter


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This is a m12 size filter to fit into the OEM, m12 and CS mounts. This filter is made of infrared transmitting (visible light blocking) black acrylic, and produces the similar effect as exposed negative film and floppy diskette film. This filter will block all visible light and only allow infrared light (roughly above 740nm wavelength). This filter will work in any setup using an infrared light source for illumination.

The thickness of this filter is a millimeter thicker than the typical glass m12 filters and a millimeter thinner than the OEM filters, making the resulting image using an OEM mount out of focus. When used with an adjustable m12 and CS lens setup, you can get a perfectly focused image.

This filter is not as good in an optical tracking-based multitouch setup as a glass band pass filter, because it allows all infrared light to pass, not just the wavelength being emitted by your infrared lights. When a band pass filter is used, you will get less false blobs from interfering ambient light. It does transmit about 10% more light though than the band pass filter so your resulting image will be a little brighter.<br/
Thickness: 0.125 inch (3.2mm)
Diameter: m12 (will fit in OEM, m12 and CS mounts available on this store)
Transmittance Wavelength Range: 740nm+
Average Percent Transmission: 90%
Material: Scratchable Black Acrylic

Spectral Chart:

Sample picture using an m12 mount:

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