Warranty: Extended 1 Year Warranty for Modified GoPro Camera



Extend the included 30 day warranty to a total of 1 year for any single GoPro Hero 6, 5, 4, 3+, or 3 camera modified by Peau Productions. This warranty covers repair services and parts (as detailed below), though shipping to and from our office is not included.

We warrant our own professional work, this warranty does not cover the customer from taking the camera apart and damaging the internal parts themselves. We test all cameras after any service is performed so we resolve any issues before shipping the camera back to the customer.

Issues Covered By Warranty:
-Scratched and/or Shattered Lens (All Models)
-Broken LCD Screen (Hero 4/3+/3 Only)
-Damaged Internal Circuit Board Components and Ribbons (Hero 4 Only)

Issues Not Covered By Warranty (All Models):
-Water Damage
-Deliberate Abuse (Smashing it With a Hammer, Setting it On Fire, Running It Over With Your Car, Etc)

*Warranty expires based on day item is delivered to customer.

*Warranty covers first repair required and is voided after first repair is performed.

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