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GoPro Lenses from Peau Productions: What is a “Case Mod” and “Dust Ring”?

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Case Mod

Due to how much a replacement lens may stick out from the camera, the back-door of the GoPro case may need to have its foam scrapped off to allow the door to properly shut. By scrapping the foam off it gives about 1/8″ more room for the lens to stick out. All buttons should still work. We have not pressure tested the camera setups needing a “case mod” so please do so if you plan on submersing your setup.

Dust Ring

The stock lenses have a much larger terminating diameter than most of the lens replacements we offer, so the small space around the lens surround can allow dust in depending on your filming environment. For the lenses that have long enough threads and need to fill this gap we provide free of charge a rubber ring that fills in the gap.

As with any of our products, please Contact Us if you have any questions.

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Customer Showcase: Logywave Music Mixing Table

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Our customer Javier built this great Abelton Live fiducial-controlled table for his PhD.  Utilizing a DSI setup with the Endlighten, the screen can detect objects with tags on the bottom for mixing together different beats based on which tag is on the surface and how it is rotated.  All code was written by Javier & friend Jorge using Processing. reacTIVision is responsible for fingers & fiducial tracking and Processing draws the graphical interface and send messages to Ableton Live.

You can get more information about the software by visiting their site


MT-Technology: DSI
Projector: Dell 1410x
Camera:PS3-Eye with M12 mount and 850nm band pass filter (Peau Productions)
Lens: Standard m12 Lens Pack (Peau Productions)
Acrylics: Endlighten XL 8mm (Evonik)
IR-LEDs: 850nm 8mm IR-Ribbon (Peau Productions)


OS: Mac OSX 10.8.2
reacTIVision: Finger & Fiducial Tag Tracking
Programming Lenguage: Processing
Musical Software: Ableton Live 8

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