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New Low Pass Filter Available for m12 Cameras

by on Jan.31, 2010, under Uncategorized

Low Pass Filter: Typically known as a visible light filter, this filter blocks all light except those wavelengths in the visible spectrum.

Over the past few months I have had some interest from customers to have a filter made for the m12 modified ps3 eye cameras that would allow it to be used not for infrared light but for the typical visible light. For those customers who purchased cameras in the past with this goal in mind to use the interchangeable m12 lens system with the camera, the only choice has been to deal with the washed out and lack of color from using the lenses without any filtering at all.

I got in contact with my filter supplier and he’s produced a low pass filter sized perfectly for the m12 mount which only allows visible light through, namely in the 400-700nm wavelengths. I have done multiple tests in varying lighting conditions and found that the filter does indeed do a very good job at keeping the colors clear and the image not washed out from the immense amount of infrared light found in sunlight and incandescent bulbs. In ambient lighting conditions that don’t have much of any infrared light, such as total darkness and fluorescent lights, the filter isn’t needed as much but is still important to have.

You can purchase all m12 mount cameras at my store now with the typical infrared band pass filters and also the new low pass filter by itself here.  See below for pictures showing the differences of having the filter on the camera versus not having one on.

(ABOVE: See how washed out the places where the light bounces off the wall are due to all the infrared light in sunlight)

(ABOVE: Colors also get very washed out)

(TWO ABOVE: Florescent light doesn’t make much of a difference)

(ABOVE: Pure infrared light is greatly reduced)

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Custom PS3 Eye Camera Boxes Still Selling Strong

by on Jan.31, 2010, under Uncategorized

Back in July of last year I introduced some acrylic camera boxes that I designed and had fabricated for my online store.  I’ve used them on all the installs I’ve done for clients and for my own multitouch setups.  Their simplicity and professional appearance has been the main reason I’ve sold so many of them.

To read more about and to purchase them, see them listed on my online store here.

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