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More Difficult to Open Hero 4 vs Hero 3+/3 Cameras

by on Dec.26, 2014, under Uncategorized

We modify a lot of GoPro cameras here at Peau Productions so when new models arrive that are noticeable different, we take note.  With the Hero 4 cameras, the introduction of the LCD screen on the back of the Hero 4 Silver caused the battery door to be located on the bottom for both the Silver and Black models, along with other important changes. The biggest issue is only on the Hero 4 Black and is very easy to do if you do not know about it (and even when you do).

The procedure of separating the main board from the front heat-sink (which has the lens mount and lens attached) requires you to twist and slide one out from the other. New on the Hero 4 Black model though are two small black capacitors on the front-side of the main board that easily catch a groove in the heat-sink.  When the groove catches the capacitors they can be easily broken off, either entirely or even just a small part. If any part of them break off, you have completely damaged the main board and it must be replaced.

This picture you can see the broken chip in red that breaks off easily as compared to the normal board on the right:

2014-10-28 12.34.09

This picture of the heat-sink shows the groove that can grab the chip:

2014-10-28 12.34.40

Here is our video which shows the entire process of opening the camera and the movement that you have to do to separate the board from the heat-sink. Please be very careful should you perform this procedure yourself. You can send us your camera to modify or purchase a new one already modified from us should you not feel comfortable separating the camera apart:

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GoPro Hero 3+ Black Lens Mount on Hero 3 Black Camera = SUCCESS!

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We can 100% confirm that using the stock lens mount from a Hero 3+ Black camera will install and work in a Hero 3 Black camera. You can purchase the Hero 3+ Black stock lens mount on our site here.

What is the point of this you may ask?  

The threading on the Hero 3 Black stock lens mount has (literally) 2-3 less threads closer to the front of the camera than the lens mounts on the Hero 3+  Black camera. So that means lenses that have a long back focal length (such as the super popular 5.4mm f/2.5 non-distorted 10MP lens) are not able to be threaded into the Hero 3 Black lens mount. Placing a lens like the 5.4mm into the stock Hero 3 Black lens mount can only achieve focus by lifting it slightly out of the lens mount. By installing the Hero 3+ Black lens mount you gain those necessary few threads to thread the lens in and achieve focus.

As a side note, we are working on fabricating our own lower cost CNC’d lens mount with threading throughout the entire lens barrel so that all sorts of additional lenses can be used on the Hero 3/3+ cameras. Stay tuned…

Hero 3+ Black Lens Mount:










Hero 3 Black Lens Mount:










(LEFT) = Hero 3 Black

(RIGHT) = Hero 3+ Black


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